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Real Brick Slips

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Real Brick Slips. Bring the beauty of real brick to your home.

Cut from quality Kiln Fired bricks, suitable for interior and exterior use on any clean, dry & secure surface. They are simple to use and easy to cut. Kitchens, conservatories, fireplaces, alcoves, arches, barn conversions, adding mellow charm to walls and floors and the options are endless.



Rustic Country mixture - multi red with black & sandy white overtones 
Victorian Town Red - creased red 
Town & Country Red - multi red with black overtones 
Town & Country Yellow - creased yellow 
(Colours and textures may vary as Brick Tiles are a natural product) 

Securely and safely packaged in polystyrene boxes.
30 flat tiles per box.
Corner Tiles.
We do sell as single items.

60 tiles cover one square metre
50 tiles cover one square yard
10 corners 750mm run


In normal interior conditions fix with a waterproof tile adhesive. In heavy wear or exterior situations use an exterior grade cement polymer adhesive or expoy resin adhesive. 


Standard British brick size in a slim 20mm tile 
Flat Tiles: 215mm x 65mm x 20mm
Corner Tiles: 215mm x 65mm x 20mm long face
Corner Tiles: 100mm x 65mm x 20mm short face

(Sizes may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process)


Cut half way through with a hacksaw or tile saw, the


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