Celotex 2400x1200x100mm Insulation Board

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£42.99 / sheet(s)
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Celotex 2400mm x 1200mm x 100mm Insulation Board, designed to use throughout your building project. Celotex is a verstile, rigid, high performance PIR board that's easy to handle and install. Can be used in walls, floors, flat roofs, pitched roofs and timber framed systems.

Thickness - 100mm

Dimensions - 2400mmx1200mmx100mm

Weight - 12kg per board

R Value - 4.5kg m2 K/W



Product Note Status Price
Celotex 75mm Cavity Wall Board Celotex 75mm Cavity Wall Board
£8.50 / unit(s) *
Celotex 50mm Cavity Board Celotex 50mm Cavity Board
£4.98 / unit(s) *
Celotex 2400x1200x50mm Insulation Board Celotex 2400x1200x50mm Insulation Board
£21.99 / sheet(s) *
Cavity Insulation 75mm 5.46Sq M2
£19.99 *
Cavity insulation 50mm 8.736Sq M2
£23.99 *
* Prices without VAT or delivery
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