Dust Proofer and Hardner 5ltr

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A premium grade, chloride-free, low viscosity dust-proofer and hardener specially formulated to penetrate and chemically seal concrete and harden its surface. Seals and hardens concrete floors, both new (minimum 28 days old) and old, in garages,warehouses, factories and workshops. Produces a hard wearing, non-dusty surface. Suitable for use on garage, warehouse, factory or workshop floors.


Apply a uniform, thin coat onto the surface brushing in well – do not allow to puddle. Once the first coat has cured (normally overnight) apply a second coat. Very porous surfaces may need further applications. After last application leave for 24 hours to allow final coat to dry. Wash down once dry. Very dense power floated floors may not permit effective penetration. Do not wash floor for 24 hours after final coat. Note: Do not use on masonry or coloured concrete.

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